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Fast Radius is a Chicago-based 3D printing solutions company that recently launched an end-to-end service for custom Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printed parts. While several companies in the 3D printing space have added MJF services to their offerings in the past year, Fast Radius pushes the trend further by offering a smart online tool that helps users throughout the entire process. The traditional quote process involves customers or businesses uploading a design and a quantity required while specifying all necessary details, then the company reviews the information and provides an estimated price. However, Fast Radius created an online tool that allows users to design the entire printing job online from home

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  • A robot has wheels with a 3 inch radius spinning at 100 RPM. How fast can it go?
  • a robot has wheels with a 2.75 inch radius spinning at 100 rpm. how fast can it go?
  • how fast does the water level drop when a cylindrical tank of radius 6 feet


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