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We uncover startups, brands, communities, and products that are about to take off so you can take advantage of opportunities before anyone else.


Personalized Trend Briefings

Simply enter up to 10 keywords and we'll start monitoring the web for related trends for you. You can choose if you want to be notified daily or weekly about new trends.

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As a Under the Radar Pro user you can request custom reports on trends related to any keyword you're intersted in. Each request triggers a live search across the internet and we send the result of our research straight to your inbox.

Who's using Under the Radar?


We help investors catch promising startups early.


Agencies use Under the Radar to find fast growing companies to do business with.


We help entrepreneurs get inspired by what the market really wants right now.


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How it works

Data Harvesting

24/7 our algorithms monitor startup communities, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, social media platforms, and conversations in niche forums.


To make sense of all the input, we apply state-of-the-art machine learning models to uncover the most relevant patterns.


We check all startups, websites, categories, communities and products discovered in the previous step for signs that it's about to take off.


Before we sent out a list of trends, we always add relevant information like the current monthly search volume, CPC, and a short explanation.

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