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Who's using Under the Radar?

Entrepreneurs looking for a new product or brand to launch.

It's so much easier to launch a successful new business or product if you're riding on a wave. Here's how Under the Radar will help you catch the right one.

  • Discover specific trending products

    Our algorithms monitor the movements on Amazon and thousands of Shopify stores to determine which products are trending right now.

  • Find fast-growing brands

    We not just keep an eye on under-the-radar products that are about to take off but also on the brands that make them.

  • Understand market trends

    To help entrepreneurs get an edge, our algorithms also unearth growing, untapped markets by looking at cultural and behavioral shifts. For example, there's plenty of opportunity to build a successful brand if you understand early that something like the keto diet or a niche hobby like diamond painting is about to take off.

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Investors looking for untapped investment opportunities

Our trend signals are the secret weapon in many smart investors' arsenals.

  • Identify startups before they get big

    Our algorithms monitor all startup platforms and community - no matter how niche - to find promising startups long before you can read about them in TechCrunch.

  • Understand technological trends

    We're not just monitoring under-the-radar startups but also keep an eye on the technological trends that drive them.


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AI writing assistant that eliminates writers block for good.
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Marketers staying ahead of the curve

If you want to grab people's attention it's essential to stay in touch with the world beyond your bubble and to understand what's driving today's viral trends.

  • Understand lifestyle trends and cultural shifts

    By keeping our ears and eyes on trendsetting communities like Reddit we can help you make smarter decisions about how to effectively target customers.

  • Discover untapped niches

    Our algorithms regularly dig up niche phenomena right before they're about to hit the mainstream.

  • Learn from trending brands

    Instead of relying on pure guesswork, study what's working right now by using our list of rapidly growing brands.



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Subreddit for people who are actively trying to be more of an adult.

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Why is there no free tier?

With a free tier there's always this uncomfortable tension: Do I send the best stuff to my paying subscribers? Or do I send it to people on the free list since this increases the chances that they upgrade their accounts? I don't even want to start thinking about these issues and instead want to put all my energy towards making paying customers happy. So no free tier, sorry.

How often are new trend signals added?

New trend signals are added daily.

Do you offer discounts for people who can't afford $19/month?

Yes, of course. Just send a message.

Can I get a refund?

If you're not satisfied, you get your money back. No questions asked. Just send a message. (But of course, we'd love to hear what you didn't like since we're committed to making Under the Radar as useful as possible.)

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